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Spreading Cheer - BLOG LAUNCH!

I am just SO excited to welcome y'all to my new blog!!

Kassie did a GREAT job with the design. She worked quickly and paid attention to every detail. She perfectly created exactly what I had in mind. Thank you, Kassie!!
If you are looking for somebody to update your blog, you can contact her HERE!

As a first year teacher, there are a lot of things I want to get better at. I know these things will take time, but one that I am really trying to be intentional with this spring is SPREADING CHEER to the families of my students. I spend all day with 21 precious first graders, and I want their parents to be able to celebrate the great things they do each day when they get home! So, I came up with a solution!

Quick and easy positive notes to send home!

Aren't they fun!? I just love AstroBrights paper!

My hope is that by having these notes handy, I will be able to quickly jot down some quick notes for a few friends (because let's be real...21 notes each day just won't happen!!), and send them on their way!

Grab these fun notes here, for free!

I am so excited to start this blogging journey. My hope is that as I share my classroom experiences, products, and life with you, we will be spreading cheer and happiness to classrooms around the world!

I would love to hear what you think about the new blog design and these positive notes in the comments!

Place Value Craftivity

It is COLD here in Texas! We went back to school this week and hit the ground running! I was so proud of my firsties and their excitement to pick up right where we left off in December.

A teacher and student's favorite words: SNOW DAY! We didn't have one today, so we brought the snowflakes into our room!

I created a place value craftivity to bring the snowflakes and excitement into our classroom! (You can find it HERE). It was perfect timing too! It started snowing this afternoon and we loved watching it through our windows while we worked.

I sent the kids off to stations (their favorite) and pulled a few kiddos at a time to make their snowflake! First I let them build it with the base ten blocks. Then, they had to count their number out and tell me how many tens and ones they needed to put their snowflake on paper. 

My favorite part about this activity were the conversations that we were able to have about the numbers! Of course, I had a few girls who wanted their snowflakes to be so pretty, and they decorated it with TONS of ones! That led us to the academic conversation of what happens once we have a group of ten ones, which was awesome! They settled for snowflakes with just 9 ones :)

When I made this crafitivity I had my students in mind. I know that some students are ready to talk about the value of the numbers, where as some students are still just becoming comfortable with identifying tens and ones. I differentiated the writing portion and it worked out perfectly!

I can't wait to add this to my math tubs as my students become more independent with the concepts. A dry erase pocket and some base 10 blocks...endless snowflakes! 

Click the picture below to grab this craftivity on SALE for the weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have any place value craftivities that you love to use??